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Well, this just got a little personal.

It’s always a little awkward when someone goes to accept an award and they haven’t prepared an acceptance speech. They scramble for the right things to say, the right people to acknowledge and desperately try to prevent anyone from knowing that, in that moment, they are dying on the inside.

As horrible as they may feel in those few moments, its nothing compared to what the many onlookers have to bear through those few, excruciating moments. Just stop talking and walk off the stage. Well, thats how it feels for us to write an About Us blurb. It’s never any issue writing your About Us, in fact we love doing that. But the moment the spotlight turns, oh how the words dry up and you just want to stop talking and walk of the stage and shrink back into a dark room watching videos of cats on youtube. So anyway, here’s a bit about us. Don’t throw tomatoes.

Early Days

WebThrive has been floating around in existence since 2009. It has gone through some names changes and some periods of differing focus but in that time many different jobs have been completed for many happy people. In May of 2014, WebThrive’s Owner and Project Manager, Andy Dodd re-focused the business and took the steps to cast the vision and set the course for where WebThrive was going.

Our Vision.

WebThrive exists to see you thrive. Whether a personality, a cause or a business we want to assist you in achieving your goals for growth through targeting your specific audience through a variety of mediums. We do this from concept to design, to development and deployment.

Our aim is to build a business that creates jobs and creates an environment for employees to thrive in their own gifts and abilities and achieve their goals in life. We aim to be on the edge of innovation and strive for excellence.

Giving Back.

We believe in giving back. With success comes resource, and with resource comes responsibility. We believe that as a part of that responsibility we should give back into the community with money and time. As well as volunteering time in community activities that build people up, we promise that at least 10% of all profits go back into organisations that help and empower people.

The Bosses.


Karina Dodd

Owner + Creative Manager

Andy Dodd

Owner + Project Manager

Married on the 13th of December 2015 on the beautiful South Coast of New South Wales, although they still have strong ties to Sydney, Andy and Karina now reside in the beautiful Shoalhaven, outside of Nowra in the Jervis Bay area. Karina is a genius and is a Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife and is in the middle of her second Masters Degree – Masters in Public Health. Andy claims his university is the School of Life with a Bachelor of Mad Skills and a Masters of Hard Work.

Karina is also a creative mastermind with incredible fine art skills and you can check out her business Red Velvet Press. Stay posted as these two plan to take on the world.

Connect with WebThrive.

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